Macmillan coffee morning

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Not long ago, my hairdresser did the Macmillan coffee morning, raising money for cancer patients. I think it’s a lovely gesture and a great way to raise money with friends and family. I couldn’t go to the actual coffee morning because I was at college but I did make cakes for them the night before!


These cupcakes/muffins had a more bread like texture in comparison to the usual but that’s because my weighing scale broke so I literally just guessed the measurements!

Funnily enough, I didn’t do my Spanish homework again, just like last year when I was baking cakes for a sale in school (shown in a previous post)
Time is so cyclical.


Stop hating. Start baking.

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I baked before I went back to school as promised!



Now I don’t have a name for this dessert just yet but it’s basically a delight for anyone who loves chocolate.

At the bottom we have a layer of freshly baked brownies. Secondly, a layer of whipped cream and strawberries. The third layer is chocolate cake,
and the topping is chocolate mousse. Definitely one of my favourite desserts I’ve baked!

Red velvet cake

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Well well well. Here we have my first attempt at a red velvet cake. Can I just say, it tasted awful! It all went wrong when I added the food colouring. Blegh. But I still had fun, and that’s what baking is all about OPAH

The great british bake off is back and I am feeling more motivated than ever. Despite my mum banning me from baking cakes in her kitchen, I promise to make a few more cakes before going back to school.

after adding cocoa powder

butter cream


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Without a doubt, cupcakes are my favourite. If one goes wrong, you can just eat it and no one will ever know it even existed. Meanwhile, a mistake on any other type of cake tends to be almost impossible to cover up, especially for us amateurs!

I baked these a while ago for a cake sale at school. My Spanish teacher was far from happy when she found out that the reason why I didn't do my homework was because I had been baking cakes all night! When it comes to baking, I have no limits. I go a bit reckless.

cake 1

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‘cake 1’ 2013

My first complex cake was a two tier birthday cake for my little sister – ‘cake 1’. My dad’s love for plain old cakes meant that I rarely got a chance to try out something new, although the inspiration kicked in after hours of watching CAKE BOSS. I no longer wanted to watch and from that moment onwards, I became a baker (before I was just a cake maker). It has been a year since I made ‘cake 1’ and there’s still plenty for me to master before I’m at the same level as BUDDY VALASTRO.
I hope that as this blog flows, my baking skills will improve so much so that my pictures only show my cakes getting better. Having said that, if I do have a baking disaster from this moment onwards, I will not exclude it from my blog. *touching wood that I don’t have a baking disaster from this moment onwards*

Decorating almost always turns into a pivotal situation with me, and you will notice this in my pictures. I just don’t know when to stop! But I’m working on that.